Deconstruction(Design Museum)


You will attend an exhibition currently open at this time and deconstruct the way it is presented. This will include an analysis of signage, display construction, lighting, visitor flow [i.e] how the show manoeuvres visitor traffic], attendant publicity, how information is displayed and other aspects you find relevant to this brief. It is expected that you will also redesign one aspect of their information publication.
It is also important to look at their online presence see for example The Natural History Museum

Design Museum 

The museum is housed in a former 1940s Banana warehouse, which was altered beyond recognition in the conversion to resemble a building in the International Modernist style of the 1930s. This was funded by many companies, designers and benefactors. The museum was principally designed by the Conran group. Terence Conran aided in this conversion, as it was his concept to create such a museum of Modern Design. A large scale sculpture titled Head of Invention by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi was installed in the area between the Museum and the Thames. (Ref. photo)


  • Analysis of signage
  • Display construction
  • Lighting
  • Visitor
  • How the show maneuvers visitor [traffic]
  • Attendant publicity
  • How information is displayed
  • Other (Cafe)
  • Other (bookshop)

 I went to Design museum on the 24th Sep which is a ball day on that day.

 Analysis of Signage:


 The Analysis of signage I don’t think it’s not very clearly at all. I remember first time I went to the museum which it’s take me ages to find out, because there isn’t a big sign and name of the building.  So how it might be better? I will get the big signage in front of the building, when people who pass the Tate River will know this is a design museum, also more road sign.


Display construction: 

 Outside view of building

 3 levels of the Design museum

 The Ground Floor plan

 The Design museum space between 1st and 2nd floor

The Design museum is a white building with 3 floors. It’s not a big museum, but I very like it every times they exhibition the show. 




 The lighting is not a problem with it. Depend what show they are going to exhibition.

 Visitor flow:


A lot of people visit, because it’s near London Bridge, and there are a lot of tourists. And the museum location is by the Tate River., so a lot of people like to hang out here to visit the design museum.

How the show maneuvers:

 Tube, bus, boat and bicycle. But only bicycle can cycling into and other should get off somewhere near and walk to.

Attendant publicity:

Online website, magazine, books, public poster, facebook….etc


  it’s a London design festival catalogs (18-26 September 2010) 


How information is displayed: 


Other (Cafe):


Design museum café is very smell. But it’s good to have people who just want chat with and share with the information, Don’t spend to long in here.

 Other (bookshop):


The design museum bookshop always sells the current show gifts and information so their bookshop is not really. But sometime I felt can they get the bigger bookshop for someone who interesting the past show information or the introduction.


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  1. February 1, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Been a great help for my current project, thank you for your photo uploads 🙂

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